I am preparing a series on the following theme: black & white, with one (or more) mask(s) as the only "clothing".

This series will be entitled a priori "a little lightness in this world of brute", or other if you have proposals in connection with the theme, I am open to any proposal.

My preference would be surgical masks (reference to the current context) but we can consider neutral masks, or both:


Depending on your desires (and/or your limits), one or the other will be used. The neutral mask allowing, more than the surgical mask, to preserve your anonymity (especially if the photos reveal a little of your intimacy)

You understood it, even if you have a very nice smile, this one is not the object of my project (but we can consider without problem a more classic session, in a second time)

The idea is to have a diversity of settings (decor, pose, angle of view, ...) but also a diversity of morphologies, and of skin colors (we can consider black masks on white skins, and vice-versa, to optimize the contrast)

And, as always with me, all this will be done in "collaboration" mode, or "exchange of good process": I don't pay for the photo session, and I don't get paid while I give back to the model all the photos I have taken.

If you are interested in this project, or even better, if it motivates you, do not hesitate to come back to me as soon as possible