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When ? The shootings take place mainly in the evening on weekdays, I enjoy my weekends for family, friends, DIY, gardening, ...

Where ? I did a lot at home, but for various reasons that I would be happy to explain you in person, I prefer now as far as possible to do at model home, or in an other place. Outside, it is difficult to find natural light at the times previously announced, except during summer or during my vacation when I try to find models on site, as has been the case a few times.

I prefer to work one-on-one with the model. I accept at least a (girl) friend who accompanies, but I prefer to avoid if possible, unless the friend takes part in the photo shoot ?

In any case, I don't do shooting with the presence of the husband or parents, to work more calmly, for me as for the model for that matter.

The session begins with the signing of a contract (click here to see an example) in 2 versions, one for each, stipulating the possible use of photos that will be made later, and for how long. A typical session lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours, with as result more or less 400 pictures.

No remuneration will be requested or given for the session. It's just an exchange of good process: shooting against all photos. I just need a little time between the shooting and when the photos are sorted and developed.

For clothes, accessories or decor, I rely heavily on the model. And I have unfortunately neither makeup artist nor hairdresser at my disposal. So I'm counting on you for that too ...

Finally, one last recommendation for the photo shoot, even if it is not planned to do the nude, is to come to the session with clothes not too tight (or even without underwear), just to avoid marks on the skin that are always unsightly, long to fade, and difficult to erase in post-treatment.

Regarding the models ?