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Not necessarily very original ideas, already seen, for sure, but I would like to try to see the result ...

  • video-projected images (I have already done some sessions but I would like to dig a little more the theme, especially on a colored skin)
  • a milk bath (ideally in a pretty lion's paw bath for example)
  • a mother and her young baby, possibly on the theme of breastfeeding
  • very typical women (asian, indian,...), women with dreadlocks
  • women of a mature age, but who still keep an indefinable charm, a sex appeal
  • contrast duets (white / black, big / small, fine / round, ...)
  • against the light, in front of a large sunny bay window
  • in a dance hall, with big mirrors
  • a gallery of grimaces / facial expressions
  • etc ...

Come on, no more blah-blah, give way to the results: my gallery